The purpose of hashtags

Hashtags are tricky but if used correctly, can be used to help you get noticed. They are tags to be used as trackers, keywords that can be used to identify conversations about a specific topic.

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How to use hashtags

Before using a hashtag, it is important to check to see what it has already been used for, and if your findings are relevant and can be associated with your posts.

You can choose a unique hashtag to represent a brand or topic, or you can use one that is already in existence, to help your marketing efforts. Hashtags help your posts to be categorized into different conversational topics, that help your content to get found by searchers who are interested in that topic, especially if that hashtag is trending.

It encourages your audience to engage with your content, meaning, if your content can be found easily it will get promoted more.

Using unique hashtags can be used as a branding tool, meaning anytime your audience sees this hashtag they will associate it with your brand. This tactic can be used as an identifier across many social media marketing platforms. It is especially useful for tracking when marketing special events.
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Hashtags can work for you if adopted strategically, do not abuse them.

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