What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the greatest part of Digital Marketing. With the constant increase of advertising clutter across various media and platforms, audiences rely on good content by authenticated sources for valuable information.

Why good content is a necessity

Marketing is becoming more and more challenging as persons tune off to ads these days, with tools and extensions like ad blockers. Even I use ad blockers because I desire to find information when I demand it. Your target audience wants content that can add value to them or satisfy their wants and needs.

The advantages of good quality contentgoogle-485643_960_720

Valuable content engages your audience once it is deemed relevant to them. Quality content helps your search engine rankings and helps your visibility in search listings—it
helps you to get found. Quality content influences your target audience to take the action you desire, whether it’s a like, share, follow, comment or sale.

Good quality content takes time to finesse but will definitely help you to enjoy its benefits and achieve your goals in this web-driven era.

Thank you for reading.  I’d love to hear your comments below.

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  1. Well explained article Karlene. I feel every company should understand how important is content in their online Marketing and your article gives a little brief about it. Great job!


  2. I couldn’t agree more when you wrote that the target audience wants the content that should satisfy their needs and wants. Content is the king and helps with the overall layout, likability, search engines etc. I liked all the points that you made in your article.


  3. True to its core that content is the game changer today especially when we have so many unwanted ads and clutter on the web that makes quality content more difficult to access. With more pressure of time, I also feel that quickly available and digestible content is even more important to readers and users looking for it. You must write about it too.

    Overall it’s an informative writeup. And I really liked how you put so much efforts in the layout and designing of your blog.


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