Who is a Community Manager?

A Community Manager facilitates and strengthens the relationships between a brand and its online audience to promote brand awareness and stimulate brand loyalty.

What does he/she do?

  • Handles the growth of an online audience. They find new fans and nurtures a relationship that fosters brand loyalty.
  • Oversees conversations among followers to ensure that there is no mistreatment of others that can reflect negatively on the brand. This may include occasional hiding of lingo not permitted by a brand or banning of users that may pose a threat to the brand or to other online patrons.
  • Monitors conversations about the brand and industry within the entire online space to identify overall sentiment (whether users like or dislike a brand) as well as opportunities and operable trends that can add value to the brand.
  • Responds to the positive and most importantly negative feedback that can help members solve problems or issues that can positively impact a brands’ customer support efforts.
  • Creates content/activities that encourage follower participation and relationship building.

Community managers set the culture and the tone of a brand’s voice. They also humanize brands and showcases a brand’s personality. Adding life to a brand, business or product promotes relationship building among an online audience. The most important part of CM is relationship building. If patrons are happy and comfortable, they can become loyal users and even become advocates for a brand or business and what that brand offers.

Final Thoughts

The role of these managers may seem simple enough but it entails the details of online marketing that often get overlooked. It is important that businesses identify their CM objectives to ensure a consistent brand voice and personality and to facilitate the continued growth of their online fans.

Thank you for reading.  I’d love to hear your comments below.

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