Social Media continues to play a very important part in helping brands to adequately achieve their marketing goals. Although it is an integral area of marketing it is just a piece of the pie that can add or take away from a brands’ reputation and image, if not properly managed. The following are 5 fatal Social Media mistakes every brand should avoid in order to maintain the desired image.

  1. Not Targeting Your Audience


A well-targeted audience is key to Social Media success. Many times brands focus too much on quantity and not the quality of their community. A well-targeted audience ensures that your content will be relevant to your community and will increase your engagement and conversion levels. It is better to have a small adequately targeted community than a large community that considers your content to be noise and irrelevant. Targeting your audience also includes choosing the right platforms or channels that will best appeal to your recognized target. For example, if you’re targeting older folks, Snapchat is probably not the best platform to use.

  1. Being Too ‘Salesy’


It is important for brands to add value to their audience first, and encourage conversions in a natural way that does not annoy their community by coming across to ‘salesy’. It is better to encourage two-way conversations that help you to learn more about their needs and help to nurture relationships and build trust for the long term. There is always merit in finding out as much information as possible about where members of your audience are in the sales process to cater to their specific needs and help them through that process and leaving them satisfied. Striking that balance between advertising and relatable engagement is key in succeeding in Social Media.

  1. Not adequately responding to negative feedback

How brands use or deal with negative feedback can either help or harm them. Proper handling of negative feedback illustrates your commitment to customer relations and satisfaction. This not only includes the actual responses during conversations, but also the empathy being shown and timeliness of the response. If too much time passes then the situation can get worse and cause a blunder that may cost you that customer as well as onlookers. And of course, bad news travels the fastest.

  1. Inconsistency

    Difficult choices of a businessman

Content consistency plays a major role in good social media. Your community expects a certain amount of content from you at a certain time and in a certain way. While it is good to have variety in content shared, it should always include content relating to your theme—your target audience expects a certain style from you and may not respond well to major changes or fluctuations. Consistency in brand personality is key to acquiring and maintaining sustainable engagements.

  1. Not Personalising responses


Personalization helps readers to feel treasured and increases satisfaction levels since content or responses are tailored to fit their specific needs. Canned responses make a brand sound automated and may not answer specific questions a patron may have. You should ensure that your brand personality is constant in every correspondence in order to avoid becoming boring or annoying to your audience.

Final Thoughts

Social Media gives your brand an opportunity to show its personality. It is a very important part of marketing. This is why it is important to have a sound strategy in place to ward off the repercussions of a social media backlash that can really hurt your brand. Avoiding these common mistakes can help you to maintain a good brand awareness and image.

Thank you for reading.  I’d love to hear your comments below.

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